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Colorful, fragrant glue and play dough using Kool-Aid

Thanks to the ideas on “11 Mind-Blowing Ways to use Kool-Aid”, from http://www.krazycouponlady.com, you can save time and money making fun, sensory stimulating glue and play dough!  Obviously, there are 9 other amazing uses, so look those up, too.  I … Continue reading

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Encouraging Proper Pencil/Marker/Crayon Grasp

I found this post from Sarah on   http://happybrownhouse.com/6-tips-for-correcting-pencil-grip/ She has listed “6 tips for Correcting Pencil Grip” in an easy to understand manner and even included videos for some of the tips. I already use smaller writing tools and … Continue reading

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Fantastic FREE Online Animated Children’s Stories

http://www.storylineonline.net/ This is a great website sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild.  Each book is read by an actor.  Part of the video is of the actor reading and part is a semi-animated version of the story.  There are several book … Continue reading

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Free Animated Social Skills Stories, Lessons and Songs.

https://wedolisten.org/media/ I found a nice website with FREE animated stories dealing with social skills like listening, recognizing and dealing with anger, allowing others to choose what to play with some of the time and other issues that children need help … Continue reading

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10 Awesome Resources for Visual Supports in the Classroom

 Classroom Management Give Me Five Mini Posters   (found on peacelovelearning.blogspot.com) Based on my stats, the majority of viewers are searching for information and resources on using visual supports.  So, today I will provide you with several helpful sites that will give … Continue reading

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And Now a Word From our Behavior Analysts…

Please print out these “12 Easy Behavior Tips” from our wonderful team of Behavior Analysts (Trish Rich in particular) and read them, post them where you can see them, use them, and pass them on to other teachers and to … Continue reading

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That’s The Ticket!!

  “Accentuate the positive…eliminate the negative!” When working with a behavior specialist years ago, she said something that stuck with me.  “Pay attention to what you want to see more of…give at least 8 positive comments for every negative comment.”.  … Continue reading

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Calm Down!! Deep Breathing Techniques to Encourage Self-Calming

From http://www.preschoology.com                                                                                                 by Stefanie Brown                                  I think being able to self-calm is one of the most important skills a child (and adult!) can have. A child who knows how to relax will be more patient, more focused, … Continue reading

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