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Using QR Codes in Reading Centers

I love the ideas I have seen for using QR (quick response) codes in reading centers.  It makes it so easy for students to independently access technology as they choose stories to listen to while they follow along.  Go to Meghan’s Pad … Continue reading

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Growth Mindset: Encourage Motivation for Learning

We have heard so much on praise vs. encouragement.  The growth mindset movement, mainly led by Dr. Dweck,  a leader in the field of motivation, demonstrates how praising a child for “being smart” can actually hinder his/her motivation to grow … Continue reading

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I Can Calm…Conscious Discipline

From the wonderful world of conscious discipline comes a book and video demonstrating calming, self-regulating activities.  Use the book to demonstrate and practice the calming activities, such as S.T.A.R., Balloon, and Bunny Breathing, when the children are in a group.  … Continue reading

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Color Your World With Kindness

This is a very sweet, wordless video about the power of spreading kindness.  I think this is very appropriate for pre-school children.   This  could start a great group discussion on what it means to be kind and how they can … Continue reading

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Interactive Thanksgiving Story by Jeffrey Jindrich I found this interactive Thanksgiving story by Jeffrey Jindrich on It’s very cute and has many opportunities to ask higher order questions. Happy Thanksgiving! Miss Debi

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The Sound Song

A special thanks to Jennifer Pedrick, SLP extraordinaire, for providing me with the words, actions and pictures for “The Sound Song”.  This is such a great way to reinforce consonant and blend sounds by using music, visuals and movement.  The words … Continue reading

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Crazy Color Creatures

I love this song and use it to help children learn color names, learn the words to a repetitious song and to help with recognizing/producing rhyming words.  It’s also just plain fun!  Below is a link to the words, with ideas … Continue reading

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Free Animated Social Skills Stories, Lessons and Songs. I found a nice website with FREE animated stories dealing with social skills like listening, recognizing and dealing with anger, allowing others to choose what to play with some of the time and other issues that children need help … Continue reading

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Toybox Tools from Hasbro – Helping Children with ASD Access Toys I just learned of this awesome project that Hasbro has created by working with parents and professionals from The Autism Project.  They are making toys more accessible to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by pairing videos and visual cues with … Continue reading

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10 Awesome Resources for Visual Supports in the Classroom

 Classroom Management Give Me Five Mini Posters   (found on Based on my stats, the majority of viewers are searching for information and resources on using visual supports.  So, today I will provide you with several helpful sites that will give … Continue reading

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