“Ten Apples Up On Top” by Dr. Seuss

I love this book, which is very popular in September.  Thanks “vancemo” for posting this fun song on You Tube!   He stops at 10, before the true ending of the story, but it works well with the activity provided in the link below. 

The free printables provide 3 different ways (differentiating curriculum) to practice counting apples, either while listening to the story, or after. 

Each student can color the “apples” already drawn, in numerical order, or they can draw their own apples in numerical order, or they can draw apples in random order. 

I also like to laminate the pages and have students roll out small playdoh balls, place one on each circle (one to one correspondence), then smash each with their index finger while counting.  This is a very popular way to get the kiddos to slow down while counting objects.  You can increase the sensory aspect by making a soft dough with equal parts apple scented hair conditioner and cornstarch, or simply add apple pie spices to red playdoh.  It smells so good, even I am tempted to sample some, so just be watchful.  🙂

Free “Ten Apples Up On Top” printables:


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Have fun!  Miss Debi


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