Increasing Positive Behaviors with Success Stories

My Hands                                                    My Space, Your Space

During pre-planning, some of the teachers were discussing how useful social stories have been in teaching social skills to our preschool students.  Social stories take a situation that a student is having difficulty with, such as keeping his hands to himself, and uses a simple story to help the child understand what actions are (and are not) acceptable.  Using pictures and familiar settings personalize the story to make it more meaningful to the child.  After hearing the story a few times, the child is able to picture what it is he should be doing and quite often we see an increase in acceptable behaviors.

I have made up my own stories and used free printable social stories found online, but my favorite source for stories that I can personalize with names, places and even hair, skin and eye color, is .  They call them Success Stories and provide a wide range of topics.  You can try one story; “Waiting” for free.  Each story costs $8.99, but it is available for you to use and make as many profiles for as many students as you want for a year.  They also send monthly articles with helpful tips to print and share with teachers and parents.  The articles focus on situations that young children find difficult to deal with, such as changes in schedules, playing with other children and preparing for holidays.

I have used several of the stories.  My favorites are, “Waiting”, “My Hands” and “My Space, Your Space”.   The last story pairs perfectly with the book, “Personal Space Camp” by Julia Cook.                                                                    Personal Space Camp

Please leave any suggestions you have for using social stories in the comments section!  Also, if you click on the “follow” widget, you will receive new posts as soon as they are published!  Feel free to share the blog site with other teachers and parents.  ; – ) 

Miss Debi

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One Response to Increasing Positive Behaviors with Success Stories

  1. Jodi says:

    Great ideas Debi! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!!!

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