That’s The Ticket!!



“Accentuate the positive…eliminate the negative!”

When working with a behavior specialist years ago, she said something that stuck with me.  “Pay attention to what you want to see more of…give at least 8 positive comments for every negative comment.”.  I have used this strategy many times to increase positive classroom behaviors while reducing negative behaviors.  It’s very easy for teachers to remind themselves by placing post-it notes around the room and simply putting a P for every positive comment and an N for every negative comment.  These can also include smiles, thumbs up, high fives, etc.  Eventually, it becomes automatic!

To make the positive behaviors more enticing for each child, try handing out tickets as you notice them.  The tickets can be exchanged for reinforcing items or activities, such as centers, outside time or getting a brain break.  I am including links to printable tickets from  These are from her page on classroom behavior management.  Check it out as she also has printable individual behavior charts and behavior prompt cards appropriate for preschool classrooms.

The tickets in the link below, and a variety of others, are from  They also have great ideas and lots of freebies!

Let me know if you use any of these ideas and how they worked for you 🙂

Miss Debi




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