Calm Down!! Deep Breathing Techniques to Encourage Self-Calming



                                                                                               by Stefanie Brown


I think being able to self-calm is one of the most important skills a child (and adult!) can have. A child who knows how to relax will be more patient, more focused, and better able to face whatever life throws her way. That’s why I’m always on the look-out for creative ideas to teach children relaxation techniques.

Here is one of my favorite tools to teach young children deep-breathing techniques. I hold up the visual as we repeat a relaxation mantra 3x’s slowly, “Smell the flower . . . And blow out the candle . . . ” while deeply inhaling and exhaling. I find the flower-candle tool gives kids a good concrete visual to help their focus and remind them of what to do when practicing deep-breathing techniques.

Click the link to a great “belly breathing” video from Sesame Street!

Now, calm down and enjoy those preschoolers!

Miss Debi

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