Slinky Snake- Making Compound Words Super Fun!


Do you have a slinky?  Do you have a sock?  Get ready to have some fun while helping your students hear the parts of compound words! 🙂

Some teachers have expressed concern that several of their VPK students are having trouble getting the concept of compound words.  We have them say a word, such as “popcorn”, then, “Say popcorn without corn”.  This is an important phonological awareness skill, as they need to be able to hear the parts of the word before they can hear the individual sounds in a word, such as p-o-p.

The students should able to say the words, then the compound words, then the compound word minus part of the word using picture cues.  (“Pop…Corn, Popcorn.  What is popcorn without pop?”) When they are confident with this skill, move on to just using your hands or blocks, with no picture cues.  Finally, you should be able to follow the same sequence with no cues, just spoken words.

I find the following activities to be fun, engaging and successful, especially for students who rely on visual cues to learn new skills.  Try them and let me know how they worked!

The first activity is compliments of the Florida Department of Education and includes the state standards for 4 year old children.  You can include this in your lesson plans with confidence!

Miss Debi

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2 Responses to Slinky Snake- Making Compound Words Super Fun!

  1. Nuckols, Cynthia@Infants & Toddlers says:

    That is the coolest ever, thanks Deb!


    • debic321 says:

      Thanks for the nice response, Cynthia! The kids love this. If you don’t have the materials for a snake, you can just attach the pics to craft sticks or blocks or just use your hands. The pictures help so much and you can fade them out pretty quickly. You could use this is as a center activity after you model it for them 🙂

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