Using Bilateral Exercises to Increase On-Task Behaviors

brain gym


The following is from the website :

Bilateral Exercises to Decrease Off-Task Behaviors in Special-Needs Preschoolers    

By Dr. Jennifer Dustow, PHD
In 2005 Jennifer Dustow conducted her doctorial thesis on specific intentional movement in a special needs pre-school classroom.  Nine special-needs students attending a public elementary school participated and all showed a significant decrease in off-task behaviors on the days 5 minutes of bilateral exercises were conducted vs the days they were not.
The study was repeated with 20 public preschool classrooms in March/April of 2007.  A total of 88 students participated;  all diagnosed in the Autism Spectrum.  Off task behaviors include: aggression; eloping; flopping; inappropriate talking; non-focus; and noncompliance.  A strong statistical significance in the decrease of off task behaviors was found for all six hypotheses with 5 minutes of bilateral Brain Gym exercises.

Please visit the website to read the full article and to find activities to use with your preschoolers who may need some help to stay on task throughout the school day.  I am a big fan of Brain Gym activities.  How great that just 5 minutes a day can make such a difference!

Let me know if you tried any of the activities and how they worked!

Miss Debi

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3 Responses to Using Bilateral Exercises to Increase On-Task Behaviors

  1. Cynthia! says:

    Wow Deb, that is directly related to my thesis subject, good job getting the news out there!

  2. Peggy P says:

    As a PT, I appreciate this reminder of getting kids focused first before embarking on a therapy session. Not only are the activities therapeutic, they also carry over to the needs of the classroom. great Ideas!

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