Let me check my schedule…


In previous posts, I talked about the reasons to use a visual schedule and gave some examples.  Today I would like to direct you to a video which will give you a clearer idea of how to use a daily visual schedule to help children become more independent in moving through the day.  I especially like the use of transition cards, which cue the child to check the schedule and move on to the next activity.

Keep in mind that you must teach the child to use this system, including following the schedule in a vertical or horizontal manner (no “shopping” for favorite activities) before he/she becomes independent with it.

Also, you will need to change the type of visual schedule used as the child develops new skills, working towards smaller pictures, more words and a horizontal, left to right schedule to encourage reading skills.

I hope you enjoy the video : )

Miss Debi


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3 Responses to Let me check my schedule…

  1. Pat Novicki says:

    I liked the video. It will help me think about how I want to set up a schedule for children in my class.

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