“I’ve told him a thousand times….”

Are you completely frustrated with students who seem like they aren’t listening to you?  I’m here to help! 

Many of our preschoolers have issues that prevent them from following daily classroom routines, completing an activity or transitioning to the next activity.  I hope to be able to help by providing you with strategies that will help your students overcome these issues before you resort to pulling out your hair and/or retiring!Image

I will be posting links to sites that will help you to understand and create visual schedules.  I will also post videos and activities from other teachers, therapists and parents that should help children to stay on task during learning activities.   I will upload webinars, articles and strategies that have helped parents and teachers to overcome the obstacles that prevent children from transitioning smoothly to the next activity, even if it’s something they like!  (Can you say “meltdown”?).

Please leave comments, questions, suggestions and success stories!  I’m here for you!  Miss Debi

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2 Responses to “I’ve told him a thousand times….”

  1. Sandy Murphy says:

    Great information! This info is appropriate for older students as well. I will be sharing this BLOG with my students parents.

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